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Electric assist bicycle buying tips & info

elektrische fiets met hulpmotorThe electric assist bicycle or E-bike is referred mainly practical and easy to use and also offer them a solution to mobility problems and global warming. Electric bikes look like a normal bike, but have an electric motor that efforts to get forward and take part get a speed of 25 km / h without difficulty. An electric bicycle is a bicycle as a regular bike except you some help get to the stairs and thanks to an electric motor. The choice of the type of Electric assist bicycle depends on the use you have in mind. And of course there's the price a major factor.

Ecological and economic

e-bikeOriginally submitted the Electric assist bicycle especially for seniors or people with reduced mobility or for parents who wanted their children to bike to take along. Meanwhile, the ordinary cyclist discovered the Electric assist bicycle, and is glad he is with the help of the auxiliary power to make less effort. And this can now use a cost far lower than that of a car or a moped. Consumption is less than 3 cents to 100 km for the economical model. And then of course also environmentally friendly, they cause little CO2 emissions (except for electricity production) and other pollutants such as exhaust gases and particles.

Differences with the classic bike

elektrische stadsfietsThe electric bike has exactly the same properties as a normal bike as front and rear lights, brakes, a lock, bicycle stand, etc. .. Most models are also equipped with a switching system with five to nine gears in the gear system in the rear wheel hub. The ride is quite comfortable, but an electric bike weighs more than a normal bike (roughly between 9 and 16 pounds) . This is because the weight of the batteries.

Good to know

What costs an electric bike

wat kost eenThe price ranges from € 899 for the cheapest models to € 2 700 for the most expensive models. Tel hierbij nog de prijs van een reservebatterij bij. Phone this still the price of a spare battery at.


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Electric assist bicycle

  • Giant
  • Gazelle
  • Batavus
  • Sparta
  • Flyer
  • Lazybikes


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E-Cycling News

The growing popularity of electric bicycles shakes the European bicycle industry finally awoke. While Germany is by far the biggest cycling nation in Europe, is currently number in terms of selling e-bikes are outweighed by the Benelux. The huge difference in pricing between a normal bike and an e-bike is the reason behind this change. Read more>>>